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Communicate seamlessly with your clents across multiple communication channels all from one interface.



Elocent is a robust multichannel messaging platform embedded with a lot of features. It is one of the most secure, fast and safe ways any entity can talk to their clients. The main focus is reach so we've given you access to multiple channels all from one interface.


Safe And Secured

All operations done on our network are encrypted and sent over secured protocols making it very difficult for you to get hacked.

Bulk Messages

With this tool, you can deliver thoudands of messages to your clients all at once without having to do it one by one.


We deliver as soon as your request. Reach all of your clients within the twinkle of an eye delivering all of your messages.

Schedule Messages

Want to plan ahead of time? Sweet.. we've got you covered. Schedule sms messages and have them deliver it to your clients at specific times.

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sms pricing

Basic Plan ₵100 / month

Per Sms ₵ 0.035

Sms 2,857

Perfect for individuals and persons

Enterprise Plan ₵200 / month

Per Sms ₵ 0.030

Sms 6,666

Perfect for large companies and enterprises